Divorce.  Attorney Hershinson represents individuals in divorce matters and will ensure that you are well-informed about all aspects of the process. Divorce is often  emotional, and she will advocate for you. Your divorce will probably involve issues, such as custody, child support, alimony, division of assets (bank accounts, real estate, small business, pensions) and liabilities, and Attorney Hershinson will advise you in your best interest.

        Alimony.  In some cases payment of alimony, or spousal support, from one party to the other, is appropriate. The court will consider factors in order to determine the amount of alimony, such as, the ages, health, and occupations of you and your spouse, as well as needs of both of you, income, causes for the breakdown of the marriage, and length of the marriage.  Attorney Hershinson can advise you and  gather the evidence that is needed to prepare your case.

         Custody.  Attorney Hershinson can represent you regarding custody of your child, whether part of a divorce, or whether you and the other parent have never been married. She will explain legal custody and physical custody (also known as primary residence), and will draft a parenting plan, which is a detailed document in which parental decision-making regarding your child and a residency plan can be outlined.

         Child Support. Attorney Hershinson will advocate for you so that you receive, or you pay, the appropriate amount of child support. The State of Connecticut has established child support guidelines, and the amount of the child support that is paid is based on the net incomes of both parties. She will calculate child support for your children whether you are involved in a divorce, or you and the parent of your child have never been married.

         Prenuptial Agreements.  Prior to marriage, some people enter into a written contract in which they provide for division of property and spousal support, in the event of a divorce.  Attorney Hershinson has considerable experience in drafting them, and can advise you. She can also draft postnuptial agreements, which are rarer, and are instead drafted during the marriage, rather than prior to the marriage.

         Mediation.  Attorney Hershinson is a trained mediator.  She will facilitate the process of voluntary mediation so that both parties arrive at an agreement in their divorce. She will prepare all of the legal documents required by the court, including an Agreement, and will assist both parties in preparing financial affidavits. She will facilitate the process to enable both parties to avoid the expenses and emotional turmoil of a contested divorce.

         Modification of Custody, Support, or Alimony. Attorney Hershinson can represent you in post-judgment matters – after the judgment of dissolution. Often the order of custody, child support, or alimony in the divorce needs to be modified because there has been a substantial change in circumstances. Your teenager may wish to reside with you instead of your former spouse, so you need to file a motion for modification of custody.  Or you may lose your job, which is a significant change in circumstances, and be forced to file a motion for modification of child support. Attorney Hershinson can represent you in post-judgment matters.

         Stepparent Adoption.  If you remarry and wish for your new spouse to adopt your child, it is necessary for the parental rights of the biological parent to be terminated first.  Attorney Hershinson can explain the law and evaluate the facts in order to determine if it is advisable for you to file an application for termination of parental rights, as well as an adoption.

         Conservatorships.  Attorney Hershinson has considerable experience in all aspects of conservatorships.  Probate Courts have the authority to appoint a conservator, if it determines that a person is incapable of managing his or her own affairs.  She can represent you if you wish to file an application to have a conservator appointed for a family member.

        Guardianships.  Attorney Hershinson can represent you if you wish to file an application to become a guardian of, for example, your grandchild because the parents are unable to take care of the child.

         Restraining Orders.  If you are being physically abused or if you are being threatened with physical abuse, she can represent you in obtaining a restraining order from the family court.