Our firm has a great deal of experience in advising people how to plan for their future.  We understand that it is often difficult for people to make decisions related to their future health care and to their estates.  We will counsel you and advise you what documents we can prepare now so that your wishes related to health care and assets are respected in the future.

·         Wills.  We can advise you in the preparation of your Will so you can designate to whom you wish to leave your assets.  If you do not prepare a Will, then Connecticut law will determine to whom you leave your assets.  We will counsel you so that you are the one in control.

·         Advance Directive.   This is a legal document in which you have the opportunity:

(1) to determine in advance what medical care you want if you are incapable of making a decision or communicating your decision to a health care provider, and

(2) to appoint someone to act on your behalf, when you are not able to do so.

The Law Offices of Pamela R. Hershinson can prepare:

a) a living will, which is a document in which you designate which life support systems you would want and which you would not want, if you are in a terminal condition or are permanently unconscious. It enables    you to determine what extraordinary measures you would want in order to keep you alive, and what you do not want.

b) an appointment of health care representative which authorizes your designee to make decisions on your behalf to accept or refuse treatment.

c) adesignation of conservator.  In this document you choose the person you would want as conservator of the person, if  a Probate Court has determined that you are unable to take care of your personal needs. You can also designate the person you would want as conservator of the estate, if the court has determined you are unable to take care of your financial needs. You can designate the same person, or two people.


·         Estate Administration.  Our firm has experience in representing executors and administrators in Probate Courts, and in guiding them through the Probate Court process.